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Chef Kt wins at making a Bread.

This weekend, I won a bread contest in which I had three loaves entered.
The winning loaf was my Honey-Oat-Wheaty Bread.
The prize was an apron.

Please comment if interested in the recipe/technique used. There were ingredients assembled without measurements, so is mostly a technique.
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Note to self

Dear Chef Kt,

When you are preparing liver chips, always remember to spray the foil with Pam™ before adding the mixture to bake. Then you won't spend an hour peeling tin foil from the backside of the chips.


Today's foody is for dogs. It's real easy and always a crowd-pleaser. This preparation is also safe for cats.
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Happy Holidays from Chef Kt

Happy Holidays everyone!
Christmas, Hanukkah, Yule, Decemberween - whatever holiday you celebrate, it certainly is the season for gathering with friends, cookies, sharing gifts, and even spending time with relatives.

I made some herbal-infused olive oils to give as small gifts, and I wanted to share how to do it.
You'll need:
1 bottle with airtight lid (the oil stays better longer in coloured glass, but it looks better in clear glass)
2 cloves fresh garlic
fresh rosemary
fresh basil
fresh thyme
1-2 dried hot peppers (with seeds)
Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO)

In the dry bottle, put in the herbs - you'll need 1 or 2 intact sprigs and 2-3 spigs worth of the leaves.
Add the dried pepper - I like to break off the top and shake out all the seeds - they have their own flavour. Then I break the pepper in half and add that in.
Coarsely chop up both cloves of garlic and put that in the bottle.

Add the EVOO too fill the bottle, just a smidge from the top. Seal the lid tightly and shake to evenly distribute the herbs inside. Store in a dark pantry 'till ready for gifting. Make the bottle festive by decorating with ribbons and a bow. Make a great gift and looks pretty, too.

I suggest letting the fresh herbs sit in the oil for a minimum of 1-2 weeks. This is something that's easy to prepare well in advance. Makes a great decoration or dipping oil.

All the best for a joyful holiday season and a Happy New Year!

~Chef Kt.
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Chef Kt goes to Food Network?

It's a big jump - I'm working on my application for the Next Food Network Star. I'm paging through this application. 30 original recipes!?!!?!? It says you'll need to pull 'em out of your pocket if selected.

It's a pretty awesome ambition... Let's see what happens next. If you've had a foody that I've made that was really excellent, let me know so I can include it in my arsenal of cookery.

I have to submit the application by 11/14, along with a short video. I have no idea how I'm going to get the video part done. Maybe I can hijack get some help with the video studio at work one evening after the dailies close.
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BBQ Salad Special

When I throw a party, I like to have a nice spread of food. Nobody walks away hungry. Today I present to you some salads from a recent soiree. I need to write them down before I forget how I made them. They are sure to please even the crankiest of GI tracts.
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Coffee Time!

After a bit of a hiatus, I bring to you some great coffee.

You may remember a previous post about my friend Marion at the Hualalai Mauka estate in Hawaii and the wonderful Kona that is grown there. The coffee shop where my friend works has teamed up with them for some really great java. The green coffee beans are shipped to the shop directly where they are artsianally roasted. The result is something that you might not drink every day.

So I found myself at the coffee shop:

...staring at one of these:

What is this thing? It's a CONA extractor. Vacuum-extracted coffee has a completely different flavour than your run-of-the-mill auto-drip units. Some consider it to be the best method to make coffee. Click the link to see how it works.

It was pretty fabulous. I don't think I've ever been able to discern the flavours in beans like that before. I highly, highly recommend. Take a trip down to Lambertville, NJ and check it out for yourself!