Chef Kt (chef_kt) wrote,
Chef Kt

Restaurant Week.

Last night I got a call at work from an old friend who happened to be in the city with his roommate.
"Wanna go to dinner?", he asked.
"It is Restaurant Week," I replied. "Let's pick one of those places - 10 Downing is my pick, New American with Mediterranean influence."
"We want to go to Chinatown."

So that meant that I got dragged up to Mott St. and ended up at Peking Duck House, where there is arguably the best roast duck in the States. The serving amounts to a duck burrito - a moo shu pancake, some scallions & cucumbers, and a mystery brown sauce that you smear over the pancake. Duck burrito. I made a small one to taste, and it was ok. Duck burrito. Tasty, but greasy. I guzzled tea from the under-sized white cups without handles.

I was quite satisfied with my Grand Marnier prawns and steamed broccoli with fruit mayonnaise sauce. I wanted to put the prawns in the moo shu wrap instead, but was discouraged from doing so by my dining companions. :-( No shrimpy burrito for me. I'll have to try a bona-fide Mexican place for that, perhaps.
Tags: chinese, restaurant week

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