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I'm half Polish (mother's side) and half Italian (father's side). My ancestors are from the part of Poland that had fuzzy borders throughout history; sometimes Poland, sometimes the Ukraine, though the town names were always the same.

One of my childhood memories is going to visit my Polish grandmother, who recently passed in December. She was part of a group of ladies who used to make pieroghi in the church basement. They were good. Like, epic good. They'd sell these guys at the church bazaar for years and made lots of money over time. They built a new school with the money. Four of my 18 cousins have attended school there.

But anyway...

Friday night found me in the East Village with a hankering for old timey foodies, so I headed over to 2nd Ave. Veselka is Ukrainian, but the flavours are the precisely what I remember from my childhood. It's a 24-hour diner on the corner of 9 St, and they pride themselves on being open 365 days a year. I've never had anything bad there. Weird, yes - bad, NO. If you find yourself in the neighbourhood, go check it out. The service is fast and friendly, and it's reasonably priced. If you go, please share your experience with us here.

This time, I ordered the seasonal delight - pieroghi with goat cheese and arugula, boiled, not fried -with applesauce. I was far from disappointed. The flavour was tremendous! The arugula cut the sometimes strong flavour of the goat cheese, and the applesauce had just enough sweetness to carry a delightful melody in your mouth. So good!! :-) I hope they keep this variety around for awhile.

In addition to goat cheese goodness, they also offer sauerkraut & mushroom, sweet potato, "regular" (potato), cheese, and a few others. I remember enjoying prune pieroghi at Christmas time at Grandma's house years ago... good stuff!

I tried making these things once upon a time while I was in College, but the results were disastrous. Maybe I should try again soon. Unfortunately, Grandma is no longer around to teach me so I need to see out alternate mentoring...

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